Friday, June 14, 2013

Two Articles on Iran - June 14th

CBC online published these two articles on Iran today:

Iran's Khamenei to U.S. election critics: 'the hell with you'

Nahlah Ayed: Can Iran's democracy voices still be heard?

So what if Khamenei told America to go to Hell - considering the bullying and harm America is doing to Iran, this is actually extremely mild language. But regardless, it is a childish headline, unworthy of a real journalism. It's intention is fully in keeping with CBC's policy of making Iran look bad at every opportunity.

The second article by Nahlah Ayad is also fully in keeping with CBC's policy of demonising Iran as preparation for an illegal, criminal US/Israeli attack on that country. It is also in keeping with the spirit of 'war journalism". - using the media as a weapon in the arsenal of those who seek to conduct military operations.

Of course the election in Iran will not be fair, but it is not worse than the US election where the voters have a similar choice only between far right candidates (one of whom, Obama, just pretends to be less far right). Why is it so important for CBC to give so much coverage to this election? It is in order to make Iran look bad.

So what that Nahlah Ayad was denied a visa to go to Iran to observe the elections. CBC has published lies about Iran (see my earlier postings), and consistently seeks to demonise Iran. Why should a CBC crew be given visas, if it is so obvious that their intention is to look for dirt, and quite possibly create lies?

And Nahlah Ayad herself - why should Iran give her a visa? Her integrity is very much in question. She is a Palestinian-Canadian who works for an organization which is essentially an enemy of the Palestinian people. She writes regularly about all the weaknesses in Arab society. With this article is playing CBC's game of demonising Iran as a prelude to war; yet she is a "Middle East correspondent" who never writes about the suffering of the Palestinian people or Israel's human rights abuses and the glaring weaknesses in Israeli society. She is a Middle East correspondent that never writes about the single most important issue in the Middle East. How much integrity does that show? Of course Iran does not trust her.

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