Sunday, June 2, 2013

Do CBC Editors Speak English?

The following brilliant abuse of English is found in this article from June, 2 2013:

Quote: "Palestinians have faced political stagnation since the Islamic militant Hamas seized power in the Gaza Strip five years ago."

Hamas won a legitimate election, covering both the West Bank and Gaza. Do the words "seized power" reflect this reality? Do CBC editors not speak English? Why do they use words like this that have no relation to reality?

Also it might be noted that the "political stagnation" referred to in the above sentence is the result of the fact that the democratic choice of the Palestinian people has not been respected. Abbas and his crew are illegitimate, and they do not hold elections because they know they will lose again. This salient fact is not mentioned anywhere in this article about Abbas's choice of a new president.

Are CBC's editors abysmally ignorant of both world affairs and the English language, or are they willful deceivers of their readers? If the latter, then who are they working for?

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