Saturday, May 11, 2019

I am under attack

I do not blame CBC, but I do suspect that the Mafia-style Zionists are attacking me.

I can no longer access from my computer. I think someone has done this intentionally. I know my friends can easily access as usual, but I cannot. This looks like a Zionist tactic, because they always fight dirty - very dirty.

Also this site is being filled with garbage accusing me of masturbating to pornography. Absolute nonsense, and although they have been threatening to send out a video for the last four months, nothing has been sent because there is no video. Ostensibly it is designed like an attempt to extort money from me, but I suspect it is the same disgusting Zionists trying to harm me because of this blog. Zionists are always fighting dirty because they know they are evil and they cannot win any discussion without fighting dirty. like the accusation of "anti-Semitism" against anyone who argues for Palestinian rights. It is just dirty fighting designed to silence the truth because the truth is not on their filthy side.

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