Saturday, December 23, 2017

CBC echoes Israeli Government

Who does CBC work for? Why do they repeat nonsense coming out of the Israeli Government as if it had validity. In today's article online about the killing of two young Palestinian demonstrators CBC had this to say:

The Israeli military said thousands of Palestinians participated in "violent riots" along the Gaza border and across the West Bank "hurling firebombs and rocks and rolling burning tires" at Israeli forces. It said troops responded with tear gas and deployed live fire "selectively toward main instigators."

"Selectively targeting" demonstrators, most probably none of whom were any real threat to the safety of the heavily-armed Israeli troops is immoral. It is murder. It is killing young men who are standing up for freedom from Israeli oppression. Why does Israel get to describe it so cavalierly? Why does CBC repeat this crap without comment?

Also these so-called clashes along the Gaza border - the Palestinians never came anywhere near the Israeli side of the border, and they were not "rioting" - they were demonstrating. The Israelis can call it "rioting" , but CBC should not repeat this crap.

CBC's reporting on Israel/Palestine is a disgrace.

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