Monday, December 25, 2017

Additional information

Regarding my post about the CBC article on two Palestinians being shot by Israeli soldiers at the Gaza border fence, I just saw an article by Israeli journalist, Gideon Levy, who writes for the Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz that said one of the so-called "rioters" who was shot in the head was in a wheelchair.

He had had his two legs destroyed by Israeli bombing of Gaza several years ago and was a double amputee. He was exactly ZERO threat to the Israeli soldiers. He was crippled. He was behind a fence. He had no weapons. The act of killing him was cold-blooded murder.

This is a human interest story. CBC must know of it from the wire services. If an Israeli double amputee had been butchered like this, we can be sure that CBC would make a big deal of it.

Why did CBC not publish this story? Did they think Canadians would find no merit in it, or the opposite, did they fear this story would have a big impact in convincing Canadians that the Israelis are brutal occupiers and murderers. I think the latter.

Who does CBC work for? Apparently it is not for us.

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