Saturday, July 15, 2017

Killing Palestinians is not news for CBC

Further to my post on the disgustingly biassed article about the two killed Israeli policemen, I should add the fact that just one day before this incident, two Palestinian teenagers were killed by Israeli troops. This was reported by Reuters, but CBC ignored it totally.

Here is part of the Reuters report:

The Palestinian health ministry said the two Palestinians killed by the troops were aged 21 and 16, and that a third person was shot and wounded in the leg. 

Camp residents made no mention of any Palestinian gunfire in their accounts of the raid in which they said rocks were thrown at the troops. 

Mohammed Sadee, who lives in the camp, said he witnessed one of the Palestinians being shot. 

"The military jeeps were driving in and this martyr was behind them on a motorbike. They shot him ... and he fell to the ground," he said.

CBC headlines the death of two Israeli occupiers in illegally occupied territory, but completely ignores the murder of Palestinian teenagers the day before by these same occupiers.

CBC really should be taken to court for its biassed coverage of Israel/Palestine issues. The people on staff at CBC who do this lopsided reporting have ZERO INTEGRITY as journalists. Unfortunately it is likely that many of them know exactly how dishonest they are being, but are working for a higher cause - Israeli (Jewish) nationalism.

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