Tuesday, July 11, 2017

CBC's Bias

This headline on July 10th:

Majority of Canadians oppose Omar Khadr settlement, poll suggests

Most Liberals, New Democrats and 91% of Conservatives feel $10.5 million settlement was wrong

Perhaps the facts of the poll result are correct, but so much context is missing that the report becomes an exercise in propaganda.

For example, how exactly was the question framed?

How informed were the respondents to the facts of the case?

What if the question had been framed like this - Do you think the Supreme Court of Canada made an error in awarding Omar Khadr based on the fact that his rights as a child and a Canadian citizen were violated by the indifference of the Canadian Government? Or do you believe Canada should have a double standard - one standard for non-Muslims and another harsher standard for Muslims, including Muslim children?

Most respondents were ignorant of the facts of the case and unless the question had been carefully crafted to deal with that reality, the results are rather irrelevant and damaging.

This is par for the course for CBC when the issue is Islamophobic.

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