Monday, April 10, 2017

What do you expect?

CBC's Derek Stoffel won a Zionist journalism prize for his Middle East reporting, so his latest article published on fits his pattern;

U.S. allies in Middle East welcome Trump's missile launch

This article makes no mention of the dangers to the entire world, INCLUDING TO CANADIANS, of Trump's attack on Syria. It goes on at great length how happy the Israelis are about Trump attacking another neighbour of Israel. Does Stoffel really believe Canadians are happy to risk WWIII just to make Israelis happy?

The facts that Stoffel ignores are that Trump was breaching international law; that the US action is only likely to make things worse in Syria, and that Trump is risking a war with Russia. So what if all this makes Israel so happy! Israel also pays no attention to international law, and Israel wants to see the situation in Syria get worse, so of course Israel is happy.

But when will CBC begin to report events that threaten the lives of Canadians from a Canadian perspective, rather than a Zionist one? We can only hope that day will come.

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