Thursday, April 27, 2017

Non-news News

Pleased to see that CBC had an article on the Palestinian hunger strike, but, given CBC's profound bias, not surprised that it provided no context to the issue. No details on abuses of prisoners. No recognition that most of the prisoners are political prisoners who were just resisting Israeli oppression and injustices. No comment on the number of child prisoners and their abuse.

CBC calls this corrupted, incomplete news as news. Any informed reader will know better.

Also in the same day CBC reported on an Israeli air strike near Damascus. It was an illegal attack, but CBC, of course, gives Israel a free pass (remember the Holocaust!) to ignore international law with impunity. So when it reports that others have described the attack as an illegal aggression, CNC puts aggression in scare quotes implying it is ridiculous to ever describe Israel as an aggressor.

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