Friday, February 15, 2013


This article appeared on January 28 in CBC online:

Beside it in the Related Articles is the over-one-year-old headline "Iran really on the nuclear brink" This was a lie 15 months ago, and it still is. Clearly this juxtaposition of Iran's space program with Iran's nuclear program was intended to create a threat and is war-mongering journalism. Also it is curious that 15 months ago, Iran was on the brink, and is still "on the brink". No doubt in 10 years time, CBC will still be publishing the threat that Iran is on the brink.

Indeed about half of the article was discussing military type issues, when it could have been treated as simply a scientific achievement for Iran. 


Also note the headline and sub-headline: CBC regularly quotes Israeli and US officials without qualification, but when Iranians say something it is "Iran claims..." In the sub-headline it does not say that the US claims to be concerned. In reality the Iran statement is verifiable and reasonable (there is video evidence), while the US statement is highly questionable – this so-called "concern" may very likely be just propaganda/spin.




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