Thursday, February 21, 2013


The following was listed as one of the most viewed articles on February 21:



      Iran stepping up nuclear enrichment

        New technology can speed up warhead development, diplomats say

You cannot "speed up" something that has not already started.

This headline implies strongly that there is nuclear warhead development currently underway in Iran. There is no evidence for this. So this headline is misleading.

This claim that Iran is currently developing a nuclear warhead is made by those seeking justification for an early attack and war on Iran.

CBC implying strongly in a headline that this unsubstantiated claim is true is a good example of war journalism.

These are weaponized words, and we have to ask whose interest is being served by them.

Also the headline quotes "diplomats" as the source for the claim that warhead development could be sped up.
However if one looks at what they are quoted as having said in the article, they say nothing about the current existence of a nuclear warhead development program. They only say that this nuclear material could be used in such a program, if one existed. They did not say that such a program exists (because there is no such evidence).

So CBC is strengthening the misrepresentation in its headline by falselyly citing unnamed diplomats as its source.

One must ask whether this is just incompetent journalism or whether it is intentionally serving someone else's war agenda (to the detriment of Canadians who pay CBC's bills).

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