Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Indonesia - Israel

Indonesia, the fourth larges country in the world by population, is having a tightly contested election this week. CBC.ca had only this one article about it, and it was not a headline:

Indonesia's quirky presidential campaign ends with cat photo, pilgrimage

Sprawling island country's presidential contest pits Jokowi against Prabowo Subianto

Meanwhile when tiny little Israel was holding its elections last week, it was at the top of the page every day for four days in a row.

How does little, human rights abusing Israel, where two far right candidates were competing for the power to abuse the Palestinians, rate so much uncritical coverage compared to Indonesia?

CBC is an embarrassment to Canada. How can this tiny little country of Israel capture the publicly-financed national broadcaster of Canada? Is there not a problem here that needs to be recognized and fixed?

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