Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CBC emphasizes the irrelevant

The headline stresses the fact that Abbas did not stay to listen to the US and Israeli speakers:

Palestinian president presents timeline for 2-state solution before walking out on talks

But the article does not make it clear that the words of the US and Israelis are irrelevant. They are the enemies of the Palestinians, and they do not want peace on any terms except a complete destruction of the Palestinians. Let them talk. Their words are meaningless - full of lies and threats, and designed to continue the destruction of Palestine.

What Abbas said is relevant - the UN and the world must do something because the USA and Israel will never do anything decent in the Middle East.

Why cannot CBC recognize this reality? The so-called US peace team is made top entirely of extremist Zionists. It is just a joke. Something only an ignoramus like Trump could think could be seen as credible. But apparently CBC is no better than Trump.

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