Thursday, January 18, 2018

"Rabbi" or "Illegal Settler and Colonialist"?

CBC whitewashes Israel every time.

Palestinian man killed, another arrested as Israel hunts for rabbi's killer

The individual killed was less a holy man than an illegal squatter on other people's land. He was living in a war zone, and abusing by his presence the majority of people living there. Perhaps he should not have been killed the way he was, but just calling him a "rabbi" makes him look like an innocent holy man. 

If he was Orthodox, there is a good chance that he was called a "rabbi" just because he attended a Yeshiva school, and in fact was not living and working as a priest. He was just another illegal, racist settler living in an illegal settlement deep in Palestinian territory.

Also CBC might have mentioned that Israel's act of tearing down people's houses, including just relatives of the suspects, is a serious crime and human rights abuse. CBC just reports it matter-of-factly as if it was routine, normal behaviour.

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