Wednesday, September 20, 2017

CBC at it again

In today's article, 

Pressure grows on Palestinian officials to end payments to prisoners and families of 'martyrs'

CBC posted three huge pictures of Israeli victims of Palestinian violence. CBC humanizes Israeli victims, but virtually ignores Palestinian victims. CBC does not report that Israel kills 5 Palestinians for every Israeli killed by them. If CBC was balanced we would see huge pictures of Palestinian victims. But CBC always presents lopsided coverage, humanizing the Israeli victims, who are the oppressors, and ignoring the Palestinian victims, who are the oppressed.

Also the article focusses on a few convicted Palestinian killers, but ignores the fact that payments are also made to Palestinians killed by Israelis, often killed in peaceful, non-violent protests.

Stoffel is earning his Zionist prize for reporting - he is totally without scruples.

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