Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wines from Occupation has an article today on the false labeling of wine made in the occupied territory of Palestine as "made in Israel".

West Bank wine controversy continues as Canadian challenges 'Made in Israel' label

It is a long article and leans over backward to try to be fair to Israel, and as a result is unbalanced and inaccurate.

The issue is simple. The wine is not made in Israel, so it should not be labeled as such. This contravenes Canadian law, and it does not matter what Zionists say, their love of Israel and all its crimes, should not be allowed to trump Canadian law.

The issue is that the Zionists got their way. They over-ruled Canadian law. This is scary and unacceptable.

The headline makes it sound as if one Canadian is against the system, but he is supporting the Canadian system. CBC should be backing him as a defender of Canadian democracy, rather than presenting him as an outlier with a personal campaign.

But CBC is more interested in defending Israel's interests than Canadian interests so this article is just typical CBC reporting.

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