Friday, October 31, 2014

Selective Quotations

In an article on October 31, included a quote by Mahmud Abbas, in which he described Israelis who try to enter the Temple Mount as a "herd of cattle."

Finally, after dozens of quotes from Netanyahu and other Israeli government people, there is one from a Palestinian leader. Is it a coincidence that it was such an unpleasant use of words? Is it a coincidence that quoting this remark thrown out in anger at a Fatah meeting makes Abbas look bad?

BC had room for this inappropriate quote, which reflects badly on Abbas, but does not really say anything relevant about the situation, except that Abbas is angry and is careless in his use of words.

However when Abbas spoke at the UN, and used carefully chosen words, that were quite harsh, and that balanced out the nonsense that Netanyahu spouted in a CBC interview about the same time, CBC did not quote him. Abbas said that Israel's actions in Gaza amounted to "genocide". Rather strong words. CBC claims they do not use loaded words themselves in articles, like "Palestinian terrorism", but to include them in quotations is OK.

But if we examine who and how people are quoted in CBC we get a very clear picture, that CBC is showing bias - frequently quoting misleading statements and even nonsense from Israelis, and rarely quoting Palestinians unless it is to make them look bad.

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