Thursday, January 23, 2014

Harper in Israel - For Shame

CBC coverage of Harper`s visit to Israel has been extensive. It has eclipsed much more significant events such as the demonstrations in Ukraine and in Thailand. Obviously CBC thinks Israel is an important country, that is of great interest to Canadians. I wonder whether this is truly the case.

Although there is a little bit of critical comment in CBC on Harper`s visit, it has not pointed out some of the most glaring, most embarrassingly-stupid statements made by Harper, especially in his Knesset speech. For example, Harper claimed that the BDS Campaign and much of the widespread criticism of Israel`s policies and actions vis-a-vis the Palestinians is anti-semitic. This is an absolutely ridiculous claim, especially insulting when made to Palestinians who launched the BDS Campaign as a non-violent means of trying to receive some justice to their cause.

How can a Canadian Prime Minister go to a foreign country and tell them that those who criticize their policies and actions are just racists or irrationally-biased people? Could he go to Venezuela and tell their parliament that critics of Venezuela must be anti-Hispanics? Or go to Uganda, and tell their parliament that critics of their policies are just anti-black? 

This ridiculous claim by Harper has brought shame on all Canadians, and CBC should have clearly pointed this out in the reporting on this visit.

Stephen Harper is a euro-centric, white supremacist, Christian fundamentalist, believer in the imminent Second Coming, with an 18th Century view of the world. He does not pay attention to the advice of his Foreign Affairs Department, but rather acts as if his ignorant, distorted, primitive worldview is superior to theirs. Harper is an embarrassment to Canada, and a danger to world peace. CBC has a responsibility to advise and warn Canadians about this rogue individual who is speaking on our behalf internationally.

CBC is failing in its responsibilities by not at least alluding to this fact and this danger.

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